Jan. 2nd, 2010

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WHAT THE FUCK FIC TIME. So. I haven't written fic of any kind since.... since.... it's been a really long time. But my Christmas present to myself was permission to write things without obsessively worrying that I am a dork or a perv. Less self-censoring, Elf! On this point I was shamelessly inspired by Reg and her wonderful and highly kinky fic

A Testament Under Ice - Seymour/Yuna, NC-17, dub-con as fuck, someone dies but eh it hardly slows him down so it doesn't really count as snuff. Jesus Christ 4500 words of het porn, what is the world coming to.

There's just - so much about the dialogue at Lake Macalania and Macalania Temple that just - doesn't match up.

  • The fuck kinda "Guado tradition" involves randomly leaving all the bride's buddies on an ice floe while walking away slowly?

  • Why does Yuna start off going to offer herself in marriage, and end up like - an hour later - ready to kill her ersatz husband?

  • Why is Yuna surprised to see her guardians showing up at the antechamber to the Chamber Of The Gayth? That is ALL THEY HAVE DONE THE ENTIRE GAME.

  • Why is Seymour waiting for her like a guardian?

  • What did those two get up in all that time alone?

    I mean - check out Yuna's entire party of soi-disant badasses, they are having a long teatime conversation in the middle of the arctic cold and like - time warps around them so hard that they arrive considerably behind Tromell and Yuna despite taking pod racers ton-tons ice dune buggies skidoos.

Here's what happened, I bet. )


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