Jan. 4th, 2010

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So okay so... okay. So.

First off apropos of nothing look at the shit I have to put up with from Jecht-mun.

"Jecht says Seymour's cute when he tsuns. like when you poke a cat and it's all "bitch what do you want" and then you're like "WHO'S A KITTY???""

Anyway resolutions.

In 2010 I resolve to

1. Focus on a single foreign language already.

I am what might be termed functionally irritating in four languages other than English. Like, you could send me to France, and I'd be able to buy a beer and buy a stolen watch and talk a dude out of his panties, but I wouldn't be able to help you get anything useful done in any way shape or form, also I dislike beer. So I mean, I need to settle down and pick a language to focus on and build actual fluency in. For reasons I will not discuss here, the language I elect to be more than just a little annoying about in 2010 is Russian.

2. Tote more bales.

My strength is legend. Was legend, but I kiiiiiiind of got a desk job at some point and stopped toting bales. As a result, I am starting to feel like a wussy, and that's no way for the ultimate seme of all time to feel. Bales must be toted, and brawn must be recovered from the thieving claws of a cushy life. This I vow!

3. Be less repressed.

I know right? Less repressed you're kidding Elf you have to be kidding. As it turns out I'm not even talking about sex (or fic about sex) here. I'm talking about the insane-o levels of pointless censorship to which I subject nearly everything I do. A little control is sexy; a lot gives you permanent hangover hair and a face like a school lunch. For tomorrow's beauty, I must worry less today. It's ok, me! Go ahead and get those horrible shoes! Yell at someone straightforwardly for a change! Don't let anyone tell you to change the radio station!

4. Be less avoidant/procrastinatey.

Oh c'mon guys we all do this shit, and I make a science of it. How many extensions can I ask for? almost infinitely many. How much can I put this off til manana? oodles It's gotta stop, I'm actually procratinatorily lapping myself in places. And the worst of it is that so often the procrastination is fucking pointless. As CS Lewis says, "I find now that I did neither what I liked nor what I ought."

5. Treat my parents better.

It's not like I'm a dick to them or anything but, you know, they're my stupid parents and I love them, and I could stand to return their phone calls a little more often. Mom in particular was just - amazingly supportive this last year, and Dad... he's - still my father, right? As awkward as that relationship is at times.

So, that's my list of resolutions.


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