Apr. 19th, 2010

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Smut RP only, fools.

As near as I can tell, the order of preferences is:

0) Lead or prominent man in a popular canon
1) Sound reputation of player
2) Masculine attitude and appearance
3) Mature, but not old - 25-35 years of age
4) More likely to be dominant or assertive in interactions and in bed
5) Wealthy or of high social status (preferably both)
6) A little dangerous

0) Lead or prominent woman in a popular canon
1) Sound reputation of player (especially in considerations of yuri - then this is like +9000)
2) Cute
3) Busty. If not busty, then young. Or young AND busty.
4) On that note: young, 15-23 years of age
5) Approachable
6) Puts out

Apropos of nothing, I have been involved in a thread which has given me much to think about, and for which I would consider this to be the signature song. More an excuse to post the song than anything - I think I forced it on you already, didn't I, for some values of "you".

My horrible father leaves Tuesday morning, grace a dieu. He's horrible in a way very similar to the way in which I am horrible, except that he pretends that he gave up on all his better qualities, and now he dwells in the nastiest armpits of his awful qualities.

Night after night I've had a series of serious conversations with various people. A study in contrasts: the highly polished next to the deliberately uncivil, the sweet-natured next to the wrathful, the impenetrable and the visceral, the soulless and the oversouled, etc. This versus the difficult conversations I have with The Old Man - which are too much like talking to a gristly mirror.

Quite without anyone's conscious intention the main theme of all these conversations has been mistakes and how to identify them and compensate for them. I draw this unhappy conclusion: being perfect is great if you can manage it, being apologetic will do, but nothing can replace not getting caught.
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(4/19/2010 5:19:21 AM) angeldomain: i told you to not reply. your actions mark your worth and your concern is only you through and through. i never wish to roleplay with you ever again.

(10:15:12 PM) laser: I NEED YOUR DICK

(11:40:13 PM) seymorelf: wat
(11:41:10 PM) laser: I needed your cock for something
(11:41:14 PM) laser: I can't remember what
(11:41:18 PM) seymorelf: TYPICAL


(11:13:03 PM) PP: god, she's probably a boring teenager who read Ayn Rand after her parents divorced
(11:13:31 PM) seymourelf: Probably, but I was a similarly boring teenager once. Horrible people made me who I am today.
(11:13:42 PM) PP: aahahahahahaha oh
(11:13:47 PM) PP: embroider that on a pillow


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