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It's a privilege getting to absorb ideas from the people involved in LJRP. It's a privilege to get into the manga and music and culture and etiquette and dreams and goals.

I was talking to a cool-ass guy earlier who was dropping Justice in the context of Cobrasnake hipster parties and I was all fucking lol Cobrasnake, but it occurred to me that I would not have any fuckin clue about Justice if Em hadn't made me listen to them in re: Aizen Sousuke theme songs. 

Or swapping recommendations about which beautiful-young-boy-who-becomes-man-under-magical-conditions with Reg and Viv and Hound across two chats and plurk. That was cool. That level of hyperconnectivity doesn't exist in the non-LJRP world - well, it couldn't have happened in the space of seven hours across half a globe's worth of timezones, at least.

It gets so that I get frustrated having regular conversations with people. YOU MEAN JUST SIT THERE AND LISTEN? HOW AM I GOING TO SHOW THEM THIS PICTURE THAT IS RELEVANT OR LOOK UP THIS THING OR tough to relax and decouple the information stream from the humans-hanging-out stream. I don't think the one replaces the other; a body needs simple human contact with faces and hands and tones of voice and body language and chill time. But to fall into sync with someone's thoughts or patterns, or to learn to express something so that a new person understands you and vice versa -

...that happens much faster online than off.
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