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First off, I'm looking for icons for the following characters:

Yami no Matsuei

Tatsumi Seiichiro
Mibu Oriya

Ai no Kusabi

Iason Mink


Yuuko Ichihara (shakes fist at Nemo)


Mara (:3c)

It's weird thinking about all of these characters. I don't have any problem with the idea of playing them, but it occurs to me that I'm picking them up - like so many others - not out of a genuine devotion to the character or world, nor even to accomodate a particular desire for playing a particular scenario, but because they're fun flavors related to a thing I'm already doing. 

We were talking about commonalities between characters played in last night's Lovesphere chat (btw it is the best chat I've ever been in, constantly and distractingly interesting.) I have a type, and the dramatic range of an inchworm. The type is: sharp, incisive, highly competent individuals with obsessive tendencies. I bored Nemo about it for a little while: I can't imagine picking up a character who's fun and derpy, sweet and uncomplicated, weak. When I really want to cut lose, I'll pick up someone who doesn't give a fuck - but never someone that is unaware of when fuck-giving needs to happen.

I can't relax long enough to give someone whole-hearted control of a scene. I'll share control, but I won't vacate it. Even the most trembling and retiring of my female characters has a problem with this. In this sense, I'm not very good at RPing at all. I'm a little better as an administrator, ne?

Fundamentally I really only have two characters:

Dark, brooding, publically-flawless, privately-a-wreck romantic
Louche sleaze with secret intellectual leanings

And of course I let Seymour slime around in both courts in the OOC memes.  I'm working on a third type:

Romantic with steep military leanings and a ruthless ROI calculator

...but it's still WIP.


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