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As suggested by [info]dr_ghost in this thread, it is high time to talk like adults about adult talk.

Things I love SO MUCH
  • Explicit smut
    • Euphemisms are definitely not required
    • But good writing is required
  • Domination 
    • especially if I get to dominate characters who are usually the dominants in their other relationships
    • especially if there's a struggle
    • especially on multiple levels (i.e. height, class, education,  physically, mentally, etc.)
    • I think outright non-con is entry-level domination. I'll do non-con but I'd rather get you in a position where you can't help but say "yes."
  • Romance - let's fall in love! I'd love to make your character swoon with pleasure, or IC be so thoughtful it will ruin you for anyone else, but romance is never platonic or unreciprocated so don't make me try to emulate it solo, please.
  • Psychological bondage. I'd rather make you not want to move than actually tie you up.
    •  But I will tie you up, sure. I prefer light and improvisational bondage to heavy and/or planned bondage.
  • Getting away with unutterably sleazy shit, including but not limited to
    • diddling your friends, relatives, and fiancees
    • saying pick-up lines that would make Quentin Crisp blush and having them work
    • getting opportunistically kinky with your character's unique features or history
  • Coercion of all types: if you want to be drugged, enchanted, manipulated, lied to, or overpowered, you are in the right place.
    • especially if you're going to be angry or aware about it before, during, and after ^_^
  • Gender play: I like traps that go either direction, boys that act like girls and vice versa, and intersexed/hermaphroditic characters.
    • I LOVE CUNTBOYS. I know this is the rarest ever but cuntboys make my whole day. I vastly prefer them to dickgirls.
  • Exploiting the surroundings - I love to improvise lube from stuff left on the lunch table, tear up shirts to bind people, let the wind bring omens, etc. It's both immersive and challenging.
  • Good writing. This doesn't mean "flowery", "long", or "brilliant", this means:
    • Descriptive
    • Not so OOC or out of setting that it kills my boner
    • To the point
    • That shows that you've read what I wrote
    • That gives me something to respond to
    • I can actually be very flexible about godmodding as long as I'm not made to do anything wildly out of character

Things That Just Aren't Okay

  • Please, Just No
    • Furries (sorry)
    • Children (no apologies) 
      • my absolute lower bound is 16, and I'll want to see proof that the player is at least 20.
      • my lower bound for virgins is 20.
      • I prefer characters in the 25-55 physical age range.
    • Sweet, shy, embarrassed, never-seen-a-penis-before virgins (you should apologize to me.)
    • Hurt/Comfort
      • To clarify, Seymour will happily brutalize your character, and just as happily fix him or her breakfast in bed the next morning, but the two things are unrelated. Seymour will not clean your character up from being raped, and he will be very upset if he figures out that the only reason he got to rape your character was so that character could go get cleaned up by someone else.
    • Scat/watersports/vore/guro/hot lunches/hot carls/etc.
    • Dungeons. complicated bondage machinery, basically anything that can't be hidden in a really voluminous outfit and used by a drunkard.
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