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Tireless pedant that he is, Seymour spends his downtime on the Demeter wisely. This post and its comments will be used to indicate:
  • what kind of information he's accessing on the ship's computers - maybe your character saw it over his shoulder, or are tracking his access records for your own creepy reasons (creeper)

  • incidental entertainments - music, movies, houseplants, etc.

  • NPC interactions that might have been seen by someone else

  • any data he actually enters into a computer - he's quite hackable, and seldom password-protects or encodes anything that he would put in a computer anyway

  • general descriptions of he's writing in his journals, when he writes in public areas

  • things that he's added to his room openly (i.e. stuff laying out on the desk, decorations, etc.)

All of these things are considered "public" knowledge - available either by being witnessed first-hand or reviewed through camera footage or kept in other accessible records.


People who go snooping for records of his private thoughts have their work cut out for them. Seymour is intensely private, and he keeps his own personal records in a series of small book-bound journals in Spiran temple shorthand. Even the script is relationally encoded (i.e. it's not a cipher, he's writing a highly discursive and poetic stream of prose studded with scores of references to works and doctrines and history from his own world.) However he does sketch diagrams in them from time to time, and names will sometimes be written in the lingua franca of the ship.

Since he's quite certain there's no way anyone could ever read his journals, he doesn't bother to hide them. They're sitting out on a shelf near the desk in his room, and he will inevitably have one on his person or near his work area. They can be stolen. Your character can ask him what he's writing, and he'll answer without taking offense.

If your character is an exceptionally brilliant cracker and linguist, it may be possible to "hack" Seymour's journals - that is, you can get a non-contextual translation. Please contact me via PM to set this up.


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Tucked below the cut for the sake of your sanity.

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