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Elf: is he a hot ghetto slut with an LA face and an Oakland booty?
"not cute": nah, he's a pretty cool dude offline and online
Elf: eh doesn't afraid of jizz?
"not cute": of course
"not cute": I went to his room to go drinking and he laughed at me when we found out I couldn't handle anything
"not cute": ;A;
Elf: oh my god
Elf: why are you so cute
"not cute": IT WASN'T CUTE I choked and coughed on PBR and Bailey's ;A;
Elf: ....OH MY GOD
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So, whatever, yes I do get insecure. And embarrassed. By writing smut. When that happens, P is always there, ever loyal, to ruin my whole day.

(9:26:53 PM)
Elf: well, at least that means she won't also think I'm just re-using material

(9:27:16 PM)
PP: well you should definitely stop talking about putting his thing in his opening.
(9:27:26 PM) PP: it's getting almost comical at this point. I mean. EVERY THREAD.

(9:27:33 PM)
Elf: *stares at you super hard*

(9:27:39 PM)
PP: laughing so much

(9:27:49 PM)
Elf: you know that sentence fragment makes me like psychologically twitch
(9:27:56 PM) Elf: and also my first reaction was to take you totally seriously
(9:28:04 PM) Elf: like "shit maybe I do dwell on that way too much"

(9:28:57 PM)
PP: oh god I'm reading this whole sequence to Mr.P and CRYING
(9:28:58 PM) PP: I'm sorry
(9:29:07 PM) PP: it is NOT any kind of actual indictment
(9:29:20 PM) PP: the point is it's supremely ridiculous and can't possibly be applied to you
(9:29:23 PM) PP: opening
(9:29:29 PM) PP: lols to death

(9:30:01 PM)
Elf: Does Mr. P pity me or what.

(9:34:42 PM)
PP: if you could see the eyebrows
(9:35:06 PM) PP: it went in one ear and out the other he is juggling like three economic worlds on the tip of his dick tonight

(9:35:19 PM)
Elf: call him a fag for me

(9:35:34 PM)
PP: he is ignoring me and telling me all the SHIT he is getting DID

(9:35:51 PM)
Elf: hey mr p you ever given god a black eye with your boner
(9:36:06 PM) Elf: i'm just saying some guys did some shit because they need to compensate
(9:36:18 PM) Elf: and some guys are on the government big-dick grant (I'm the latter)

(9:36:36 PM)
PP: he is going to eat my shepherd's pie and feel sorry for himself and yet proud

(9:36:51 PM)
Elf: "eat my shepherd's pie" is that a euphemism
(9:37:01 PM) Elf: it's a bird people thing isn't it, he's going to lick your eggport
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(11:41:10 AM) Elf: I cannot fucking believe that the ai no kusabi reboot has been pushed out another 6 months
(11:41:18 AM) Elf: I was genuinely looking forward to that in a way I do not often look forward to things
(11:41:24 AM) Elf: and it was supposed to drop last month :(
(11:42:33 AM) Elf: I think I forced you to watch the teaser trailer once
(11:43:09 AM) Elf: (here)
(11:43:45 AM) P: *pets*
(11:44:23 AM) Elf: Sorry, it is legend. And yaoi of the (proper, correct) old school, all about insane beauty, and anguish, and the long-haired guy topping
(11:44:34 AM) Elf: at some point that trope got reversed which is incorrect.
(11:45:44 AM) P: you are very charming when you get deep in genre.
(11:45:50 AM) Elf: the original 2 OVAs were extra legend not only because they were, for the time, exquisitely animated and gorgeous, but also because the voice actors were genuinely - WHAT DO YOU MEAN
(11:46:12 AM) Elf: *tapes you to couch, forces you to watch all the classics*

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Pyooma vs. Elf re: purple prose. Naturally I'm interested in the thoughts of others on this matter. I would also love to take this argument apart like it was a smut log but, you know...
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In reference to the above, I had the conversation below. And I wish I hadn't.

(11:57:11 AM) P: I think all the bottoms don't care HOW the top puts the lube "in reach"
(11:57:15 AM) P: JUST AS LONG AS IT IS.
(11:57:30 AM) P: he can wield ice and silence, he can dig up a bottle of lube.
(11:57:34 AM) Elf: dude that was a panic moment actually
(11:57:52 AM) Elf: I was all "fuck everyone's naked, all the clothing is miles away, whhaaaaaa garden what do lubricate in a GARDEN
(11:58:04 AM) Elf: then I remembered that I had cleverly rendered it a ROMAN garden
(11:58:10 AM) Elf: and ROMAN oil lamps use olive oil
(11:58:12 AM) P: hahahahahaha oh I love the rules you set for yourself
(11:58:23 AM) P: yes I was glad it was vegetable oil  :(
(11:58:37 AM) Elf: I wanted almond but couldn't excuse it.
(11:58:40 AM) P: meanwhile, I would be like it's the Love Hotel. the hotel provides.
(11:58:51 AM) Elf: hahaha I suppose that's reasonable after all
(11:59:09 AM) P: each physical avatar comes with spontaneously lubricating orifices!
(11:59:13 AM) P: and no gag reflex.
(11:59:25 AM) P: and dicknipples.
(11:59:46 AM) P: and a weird hidden fold behind the knee for extra fucking.


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