Apr. 13th, 2010 01:40 am
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I'm rewatching this excellent series again (haterstotheleft.gif) and I had to remember to not download s1 ep10 because the last time I watched it, I became a vegetarian for two years.

(Oh my dark secret is that my tolerance for gore and sadism (that I am not the root cause of) is just under zero.)

Anyway the point is that the S2 antagonist, Hideo Kuze, is sort of mai waifu. I mean: in terms of happy normal fanwank, I ship him hard with the Major and what-have-you, but intrinsically, deep down in my creeper boners, he is - an ideal of masculinity to which I can only hope to point any of my mansome characters. THAT is the place that Seymour should have gone, were he not an emotional mess with mother issues and father issues and approval issues and so forth.

His excellence is non-gendered, though it takes a masculine color by its association with his masculine body and with its messianic motifs ...

(oh my other dark secret is that I have the most unimaginably intense messiah complex, you have no idea. I'm getting much better about it. Five years ago it was such a train wreck.)

... Hideo's excellence, I reiterate, is non-gendered, like the Major's. Their genitals are far down on the list of things relevant about their accomplishments and contexts. Nevertheless: he's an ideal of masculinity, not of humanity. It is easy and pleasant to make martyrs out of men; for women there is so seldom any sort of volition involved...


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