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I'm entertaining family for the next 5-6 days.

I can't believe how totally dead Zetsuai is as a fandom. I.... I will never get over Nanjo Koji's epic obsessive devotion, nor Izumi Takuto's equally fuckin epic cockblocking. But also I like the music very much, even though it's unthinkably awkward in many ways. I like it because it steps to the material perfectly: an encapsulation of that Nagel windblown high gloss 80s synth, and an effete, attenuated, luxurious, feline idealization of masculinity. Genderlessly sexual.

Good music in Elfland isn't always about some mythological "objective" quality of goodness; sometimes it's good because - marked by time, bound by time, an organization of time - it's a perfectly told story.

All the music from Zetsuai is heartlessly overblown. Like feeding Michael Bolton's back catalog through a jet engine whose every part is made out of unicorn horns and taped together by Lisa Frank stickers and white label Eurythmics remixes, it stupifies with its genre awareness without ever exceeding its margins.
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....I was going to write a sad story about my ex and samurai movies, but someone rescued me from my own foolishness. Instead, have Akina Nakamori singing "Akai Tori."


Xeno and Oaklander: Shadow World

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To console a friend feeling poorly,


I went off and made like - the opposite mixtape from yesterday's! This one is all pretty pretty.



Mika Nakashima - Kumo no Ito
Ensemble Nipponia - Hanayagi
Lansing-Dreiden - One For All
David Sylvian - The Devil's Own
Arto Lindsay - Into Shade
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Scott Walker - Winter Night
Francois Couperin - Passacaille ou Chaconne
Portugal The Man - Colors (fuuu~ why did I put this on here I don't even know?)
Zetsuai/Inoue Takehide - Broken Cliff (guys you are forbidden to laugh at this one, honest to god this may be my favorite song in the universe.)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Undercooled (2009 piano ver.)
Sharakan Early Music Ensemble - Sirt Im Sasani

As always: enjoy.
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(2:14:55 PM) Dawnsploited: /youtubes~
(2:15:30 PM) Elf: /suggests http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2uXMK3HNMg
(2:19:43 PM) Dawnsploited: yessss THIS IS JUST THE TICKET
(2:20:16 PM) Elf: haha you mean brainhammer fuzzed-out industrial bangers?
(2:21:20 PM) Dawnsploited: I like everything. I have heavy rock right next to cutesy j-pop. orz
(2:21:35 PM) Elf: ...people who say 'I like everything' to me
(2:21:37 PM) Elf: quickly learn
(2:21:40 PM) Elf: just how wrong they can be.
(2:21:50 PM) Elf: But I will take you up on that dare if you are throwing it down.
(2:22:20 PM) Dawnsploited: WAIT LET ME QUICKLY REVISE THAT:
(2:22:26 PM) Dawnsploited: I like mostly everything ;A;

(alternate mediafire link)

Zu - Chthonian
Venetian Snares - suasive chess strategy
Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise
Krallice - Cnestorial
Jupiter One - Countdown (Designer Drugs Remix)
Ground Zero - The Glory of Hong Kong: Kabukicho Conference
Gae Bolg - Pendant l'Apocalypse
Nico - Evening Of Light
Scott Walker - The Cockfighter
Chinese Traditional - Feathers Of The Swan
Food For Animals - Elephants
Xasthur - Abysmal Depths Are Flooded
DJ Spooky - Anansi Abstrakt

It's not that this is the hardest of all possible hardcores. Fuuuu~ I didn't even dip into the DJ Scotch Egg, which is where my make or break line starts. But I think each of these songs will separately annoy people who are used to verse-chorus-verse pop or anything where the production team was paying attention and interested in turning a profit. Many of them were revelatory in terms of my own personal oh my god I can't listen to that rules.

Dawn, if you choke this nonsense down, I'll show you the really weird stuff next.
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I was pretty insulted when [livejournal.com profile] godmodeing failed to have the same epic appreciation for disco that I do, so I took it upon myself to throw together all things disco not disco onto a compilation tape and.

AND: I kind of also whored it out to all my little friends, so some of you may have this link already.

DISCO NOT DISCO 1 - 20 trax, 160mB

As it turns out it got me invited to enough parties that I had to put together a second even more self-indulgent one.

DISCO NOT DISCO 2 - 20 trax, 201 mB

I think the first one is a little more approachable but also more abstract. The second has a lot more in the way of classic, or at least old, cuts - including the track that burned my young mind to the Power Of The Beat in 1993, Daft Punk's "Musique", which I heard on the Wipeout soundtrack and I fucking loved it. At the time Daft Punk were loathed by the music press and everyone was busy sucking Underworld's dick. How did that work out for everyone? (But I also love Underworld tbh.)

Both compilations have too much Valerie-related material on them. Everything Valerie makes me cry with its dance-fuckability.
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   1. Secret Knives x  Wolf Parade
      Album: 4 Song EP
      Year: 2003
   2. Snuten Fet Fox N Wolf - Wild & Free (Original Version) x Fox N Wolf
      Album: Wild And Free..Chin Up Vinyl
      Year: 2005
   3. your sex is the scar x ordo rosarius equilibrio feat.spiritual front
      Album: satyriasis
      Year: 2005
   4. Without You x Chas Jankel
      Album: My Occupation: The Music Of Chaz Jankel
      Year: 2007
   5. Bacative x TRICKY
      Album: Knowle West Boy
   6. The Capri Spinoff x Justin Faust
      Album: revenge [ep]
   7. Ceremonial x Gaë Bolg
      Album: La Ballade De l'Ankou
   8. Warm Heart Of Africa remix x The Very Best (Jorge Elbrecht of Violens Remix)
      Album: The Very Best
      Year: 2009
   9. Saturnalia x Steve Moore
      Album: Valerie and friends
      Year: 2009

GUESS WHAT: the odds of anyone liking this who isn't me is diminishingly small. However if you are looking to have your neck broken you may have a good time with this.

The pun is intentional. That is all.

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Goes with THIS



Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Doris Day
Ela Desatinou - Chico Buarque
Aguas De Marco - Elis Regina & Tom Jobim
Chega De Saudade - Antonio Carlos Jobim
Tango - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Summertime - The Zombies
Quem Te Vu, Quem Te Ve - Chico Buarque
Whisper Not - The Florentines
Wild Is The Wind - David Bowie

What's the big deal, Elf:

Well I mean, I've just been digging this thread so hard, and we got to this point where I honestly thought "there's no way - absolutely anything will happen right now except dancing" and then I get a notification and there's Asami, stripping off his suit jacket and announcing in no uncertain terms that there is going to be some em effing dancing done.

Clearly I mean seriously, what these guys need is a mixtape.

I do have an almost boundless reserve of too-serious and sleazily erotic bossa nova. I tried not to dip into it too heavily because haha Asami would probably laugh himself to death. Instead there's a mix of the mournful, the plaintive, the sensual, and the gently comedic. Because as we all know, Seymour has spent the last five months at The Love Hotel studying Earth music and reading haiku. This is totally reasonable character development and I'm afraid it's BTC* ergo fact.

I hope you enjoy.

*BTC: 'better than canon'


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