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Y'all know how ... complete a wussy I am, right. I can't watch scary movies, I can barely watch suspenseful ones. Anything too graphic, especially sadistic - I can't even stand the BUILDUP. I don't like guro anything, reading the first volume of Franken Fran left me horrified for days. I can't read books where horrible things happen. Well, widescale theatrical violence is fine (this is why I love Steven Seagal movies), but blood and guts is not. Obvious pain and suffering is not. I ran from the room in a bawling hysteria when watching "Cruel Intentions"!!! I am a great big twee weenie.

...so when I am writing a guro thread, or a snuff thread, or a brutal non-con thread, where does it all come from?

It's obvious I'm not copying anything. This isn't synthesis, the way Seymour is a synthesis of a Final Fantasy character and the dark-horse heroes of cheesy romance novels. It's not constructing something out of other parts.

Also, I can't imagine being on the other side of the equation. I don't know why people want their characters to be cut up or raped. I could understand wanted to get your character killed, but if I did that it would be such a ceremony - a deification. To have it done in some low shabby way is inconceivable to me. I don't get it, but I can do it - write as the rapist or the cut-up merchant or whatever.

Where does it come from?


By the same token, here is a description of what would be The Ultimate Smut Thread For Elf:

One of my particularly unlovable characters - Seymour, or that fucking bastard Feilong, or Varaszidien - wakes up in a nice bed in a nice home in a nice town next to a someone special. It's some summer dawn in a temperate climate, with dew heavy on the vegetation outside and sleepy birds crying and the buzz of dragonflies and bees outside. Someone Special is awake and has been for some time; s/he is entertaining himself or herself with idly petting Our Hero/ine. Tender drowsy banter ensues, a little light fondling, unhurried and sleepily inexpert coitus, a shower together, and then: "go back to sleep, I'll make breakfast." Doesn't matter who says it to who. Breakfast should be presented on a tray, makeshift or otherwise, alongside a water glass that has some hurried bouquet in it - peonies from the yard, still wet with dew, for example. The lovers eat lightly as they are rapidly distracted by the necessity of rewarding each other for making and enjoying such a lovely morning repast.

I stress that this scene would not "count" in any way if undertaken with the sort of characters most likely to find themselves in it, like Cid or whatever. It absolutely must be one of the difficult jerks. Seifer is the edge case, I suppose.

What a deceptive desire: it looks simple and pleasant, but it's not anything of the kind.


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