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I went on a friggin tear for no reason and got obsessed with recoloring my mp3 player. I am kind of a tool about music and foobar2k takes up like 80% of one of my monitors IT IS NEVER COVERED UP. I NEED TO SEE ALL THAT STUFF.

Anyway by the time I was done I had this:

I know, right? Elf, that's super awesome. Hey wait a minute that looks...

really kind of....


Where the eff have I seen that color scheme before?!


Oh my god.

Sep. 24th, 2009 04:53 pm
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Guys guys seriously guys.

I have gone my whole life making things and doing things for other people and it's true that sometimes I would wonder "hey when is it my turn." After many years I just got used to it - not in a pouty wish-it-would-happen-and-get-angry-about-it way, but in a "this is the world I live in and I will make the best of it for reals" way. It's part of my inner seme nature to just enjoy giving a whole lot, and I came to be very relaxed about it after a while.

Anyway all of a sudden someone made something beautiful for me today. I shouldn't say "for me" - it might have been for both of us for all it matters - but the point is that I was really



All I could do for a while was stare.

Then an hour later, it happened again! What the hell. I hope I'll be able to share both works here eventually though they are still both WIP right now (and yet still astoundingly valuable to me, moreso than I can say.)

The point is that I'm really grateful. I feel so fortunate and happy, like I lucked into some magic world where people just give things to other people like it was no big deal. It's a pretty big deal to me.

I just wanted to say thank you to both artists. My day got so totally made that I will have to spread its madeness out over a few extra days.


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